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Frequently Asked Questions Why does the Parsons Unified School District need a Foundation to provide additional funding. School districts have traditionally relied upon two sources of funding: tax dollars distributed through the state funding formula and tax dollars supplied by local property tax levies. Unfortunately, these funds cover only the basic costs of educating today’s youth. Employing a model originally developed in higher education, many of the most successful K-12 school districts have turned to community-organized foundations to enrich educational quality and increase standards. Investing in the Foundation helps ensure additional learning opportunities for the residents of our community. How will contributions by used? Contributions will be used for a variety of purposes consistent with our organizational mission: school and classroom enrichment grants for innovative learning opportunities; capital improvement and expansion projects; technology enhancement programs; art, music and other cultural endeavors; scholarship funding for post K-12 education and additional initiatives deemed appropriate by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. How will the Foundation determine what will be funded? The Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for all funding decisions. They work closely with educators, business leaders, the District administration and Board of Education to ascertain the types of educational programs and initiatives that will best benefit the District and community. I would like to make a contribution for a specific program or purpose. Will the Foundation honor this request? Yes, contributions will be directed per the donor’s request. We request that donors wishing to contribute restricted gifts contact the Foundation in advance to ensure that programs matching the donor’s request are available. Does the Parsons Unified School District have a role in the Foundation? The Foundation is a private corporate entity governed by 15 community volunteers. It operates independent of the school district. While the Foundation solicits input from District educators and administrators, the District and its Board of Education have no fiscal or regulatory authority over it.

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