Mini-Grant Awards


Parsons Educational Foundation Mini Grant Awards




$1000 awarded:


Garfield Elementary, 1st grade. Robin Rea and Kyra McGuire. $200.

“Memory Books.” Included film processing and camera battery.

Parsons Middle School, 6th grade. Peggy Brecheisen. $349.

Purchase of a reflector telescope and funding for Astronomy Club activities.

Garfield, Guthridge and Lincoln Elementary school, Grades K-5. Mike Krull. $175.

Four sets of 6” play ball/handballs.

Lincoln Elementary, 5th grade. Susan Gilbert and Abby Thompson. $325.

Supplies for “Gilbert Town” and “Thompson Town” stores and culminating auction.




$1500 awarded:


Lincoln Elementary, 4TH grade. Sherri Spare. $250.

“Let’s Eat Out” project to understand the local economy and make choices on a budget.

Guthridge Elementary, Pre K – 5th Grade. Rebecca Monihan. $500

“Butterfly Garden” Create garden and observe life cycle of butterflies.

Middle School, Reading/Language Arts, Grades 6 – 8. Jan Grady. $750

“High-Interest/Low Level Non-Fiction Reading” to encourage low level readers




$1500 awarded:


Parsons High School, Grade 9-12. Robie Martin. $1100

“Outstanding Books for the College Bound”

Garfield/Guthridge Elementary, Pre K – 5th Grade. $400

“Speed Stacks” to help with hand eye co-ordination and improve dexterity.




$2000 awarded:


Guthridge Elementary, 5th Grade. Mary Colvin. $475

Field Trip to Topeka for Kansas Day Celebrations

Middle School, Grades 6-8. Brenda Butler. $525

Provide books that will engage our Diverse Student population.

High School/Middle School. 6th thru 12th. Jim Kindall $1000

Recording-Playback System for Music Classroom




$2000 awarded:


Guthridge Elementary, 2nd Grade. Debbie Hanigan. $80

“Respecting Our Elders – Making a Difference”

Middle School, 6th – 8th Grades. Barbara Benavides. $500

“Safe Places” Provide materials for quilt blocks done by the students as well as

supplemental materials.

High School, 9th – 12th Grade. Robie Martin. $500

“Outstanding Books for the College Bound.

Students in USD 503, Dianna Brenn and Sherry Bowin. $920

“Podcasting in the Classroom.”




$2000 awarded


High School, Grades 11 & 12. Paul Duroni. $262.57

“Alternative Energy, HydroCar Education Kit, and Trebuchet Design Kits.”

Guthridge Elementary, All Grades. Joan Thompson. $950

“Literacy Through Storytelling” Each grade level meet with a professional storyteller to

provide an interactive program and an evening performance for the public as well.

Parsons High School, Grades 10 – 12. Rhonda Baggs. $400

Graphing Calculators for the Classroom

Guthridge Elementary, All Students. Debbie Hanigan. $400

“Maintaining the Butterfly Garden”




$4000 awarded


Middle School, Grades 6-8. Eddie Kearns. $1000

“Smart Boards.” Allows students access to graphics, movies and factual history for projects.

High School, Grade 10, Lisa Kemp. $340.46

Literature Focus/ Huck Finn- Students participate in guided read and analysis of the book.

Middle School, 8th Grade and AVID. Debbie Alvord. $306.85

Tickets to “Eureka” a math oriented theatre production at ORU in Tulsa

High School, Grades 9 – 12. Sherri Bowen. $2070

Purchase of cameras for Communications Dept.

Garfield Elementary, 2nd Grade. Jannette Luthi $280.90

“Little House on the Prairie Excursion” Reading Little House on the Prairie books then

going to Independence to tour Little House and its history.




$2125.60 awarded


High School, 10th Grade. Jane Good. $161.83

Purchase of a set of books for readers to read with guided support.

High School, Grades 10-12. Bill Wolf and Chris Durkin. $220

Enhance students understanding of World War I with a field trip to the National WWI

Museum at Liberty Memorial.

Middle School. 8th Grade AVID Students. Debbie Alvord. $231.

Ticket to Eureka a math oriented theatre production at ORU in Tulsa.

Lincoln Elementary. Kindergarten. Elizabeth Merrell, Jamie Newcomb, Elisabeth Renfro,

Kim Spielbusch, and Brenda Winder. $728

Purchase of digital cameras to enhance classroom projects and add to the buildings

technology equipment.

Guthridge Elementary. 4th Grade. Christy Armstrong, Holly McKenzie, Kala Robinson, and

Hope Smith. $850

Tulsa Zoo field trip will provide a science lesson, to view and report on animals and plant

life in natural habitat.




$4663.34 awarded


High School, Grades 9-12. Roger Daniels, David Ferguson $2000

The purchase of electrical tool and modules to study electrical components and circuits.

High School, Grades 10-12. Rhonda Baggs. $568.70

Purchase additional graphing calculators.

High School, Grades 1-12. Paul Duroni. $301.74

Laser and Light Beams Exploration Lab/Kit.

Lincoln Elementary, Preschool, Melissa Peak, Dena O’Connor, Susan Fogleman, and Mari

Anne Hanson. $495.52 Preschool Digital Cameras

Garfield Elementary, 2nd Grade. Sherri Spare, Debbie Hanigan, Kaci Wright, and Penny

Jacquinot. $616.30 A day on the town. Math calculations while budgeting and a trip to the

Children’s Museum and Carnegie Library.

Guthridge Elementary, 5th Grade. Dru Parlett, Liz Phillips, Debbie Shaffer and Sarah Son.

$681.08 Field trip to the George Washington Carver Monument.



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